Phasenregelkreis (2023) #

Luc Döbereiner

For three oscillators, three performers, and visualization Commissioned by Ensemble Lange/Berweck/Lorenz, Berlin Performance on November 13, 2023, Theater im Delphie, Berlin.

Phasenregelkreis (Phase-Locked Loop) is a composition for three performers, three coupled algorithmic sound synthesis systems, and visualization. The piece is understood as an aesthetic speculation that deals with how humans and algorithmic processes can affect each other, i.e., how they can perceive and react to one another. It explores the nature of interdependent processes, where each action of a human or algorithmic agent potentially influences the entire system.

The relationships between the sound produced by the three performers are translated into an image via recurrence plots, which reveal intertwined patterns across time scales.

The central sound producing element is the phase-locked loop, a control system that synchronizes the phase and frequency of an output signal with a reference signal. It is considered here as a fundamental form of computational affectivity, adapting in response to the environment. Networks of phase-locked loops can produce chaotic behavior through complex interactions, where minor variations in initial conditions lead to unpredictable and highly sensitive phase and frequency synchronization patterns. The constellation of three performers and three systems represents a network where adaptation occurs in various domains: in sound synthesis, visualization, human hearing, and the actions of the performers.