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Farzaneh Nouri #

Non-representational data in machine improvisation #

In the context of machine improvisation, non-representational data refers to data that is not directly tied to musical representations. The research project speculates the aesthetic potentiality of non-representational data within computing processes in the framework of machine improvisation. The objective of this inquiry is to re-think standard approaches to musical agent design, in order to instantiate novel processes and to explore what aesthetics, possibilities, and new forms of collaboration such systems can offer. The use of nonrepresentational data in machine improvisation can potentially allow for more diverse and speculative approaches to creating music, breaking away from conventional compositional methods and exploring new forms of expression in free improvisation.

Farzaneh Nouri is a musician, researcher, and sound artist. Interested in experimental approaches to sound, science, and technology, she explores various disciplines such as electroacoustic music composition, computer science, and linguistics. Her recent pieces investigate complex systems, natural algorithms, and human-machine interaction. The focus of her current research is on artificial intelligence methods in the framework of free improvisation.