Crosswired Xylophone

Cross-wired Xylophone #

Ji Youn Kang

Program note #

The analog instruments employed in this performance have been crafted at the intersection of time-continuous (analog) and time-discrete (digital) signal computations. The performer tries to traverse the circuits, interlinked with a Xylophone and the performer’s body, in search of unusual, non-standard combinations that expand their innate characteristics by deliberately introducing ’errors.’ The exposed breadboards and the Xylophone also facilitate active, and musical alteration of the signal flow throughout the performance.

Performed at

  • Divergent Convergence #2 @ GreySpace, Den Haag, 28.04.2023
  • Festival BLAUES RAUSCHEN 2023 @ Tresor.West, Dortmund, 10.06.2023
  • Sonology Discussion Concert @ The Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, 11.10.2023